Friday, 4 September 2015

Childhood Games -Top(Bambaram)

Today I would like to give a guest post,from my friend Mr. Thornton. He has taken the interest in compiling the rules for the  Top (Bambaram) game. I must Appreciate him for that. Thank You very much Thornton for all the effort you have taken to compile and send me the rules for all this Game. The pictures are taken from Google.

Rules for the Top

Fig-1: TOP

  1. The Top should rotate
  2. The Top should land within the circle, if it did not the Top has to be surrendered & placed within the circle. ( Refer Fig 3)
  3. The top should be spinning 
  4. The Top should  be lifted in the air only through the use of the thread
  5. The top if it is stuck within the circle & rotates inside the circle , the players can stamp it inside the circle stopping the rotation.

Game Description
At the Start of the Game all the players one by one has to throw the Top inside the circle & rotate should try to move the stick out of the circle

Fig -2

Fig-3: TOP within the Circle

As soon as the stick is moved outside the circle ( Fig 1) , all the players should lift a rotating Top from the ground into their hands using the thread 

Fig 4 : Top in Hand

 Please note the Top should be in rotation when this action is performed.

The Guy who performs this action Last will now have to surrender his Top and should place the TOP inside the circle 

Fig-5: : Three Tops surrendered within the Circle

All the players will throw and rotate their Tops and will try to push it outside the circle. The Intention is to hit the top inside the circle and also to drive the nail of your top into the one that is in the circle and to damage it.

As soon as the top inside is out of the circle, All the player has to rotate the top on ground and then lift it in air holding it in hand ( Fig 4). Again the Guy picking the Top last has to surrender his Top and place it within the circle ( Fig 5).
This is repeated with atleast one top inside the circle at given point

The key points of training for the player is :

  1. Speed – Speed at which the player can rotate the Top
  2. Estimation – The player has to plan the release of thread to ensure the top lands within the circle
  3. Agility – The player has to ensure that the TOP quickly moves out of circle after it lands
  4. Focus – The Player has to ensure he is focused on the target within the circle
  5. Awareness – The Player has to constantly have situation awareness of the tops
A Big Well Done for Mr. Thornton and  a big round of applause for him.
Thank you for visiting my Blog. Hope you learnt something today. more to come in the future.


Note:  if anybody has any concern over these pictures. please contact me through comments. I have no problem in deleting them. As I don't have any photos of my own I have used them. Thank you

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