Monday, 28 December 2009

Crochet cap

This cap I did for my daughter. I got the pattern from this site. Its a lovely stitch and I really enjoyed stitching it. Hope you would also like it. :)

Learning itself is an art.

Some trials on my new sewing machine

These are some of my trials on my new sewing machine. yet to learn and practice more.

Keep learning, there are lots to learn.

Rossette Stitch and Celyon stitch

This is a try on Celyon stitch. I learnt it from Deepa .

This flower has rossete chain (blue), ceylon stitch (red) (please bear with me, its true :)) satin stitch for the leaf, and for the stem I have done something (just a new try :)) thats it.

Learning process never ends.

Pachis work

These two are my trials of Pachis work. I learnt this stitch from Lakshmi(garu), a wonderful lady, I really love all her works.

Chain Stitch and its Variations.

I have stitched this flower and its leaf with a variation of lazydaisy stitch. It also has satin stitch and stem stitch.

This is a simple flower with the basic chain stitch, stem stitch and satin stitch. I just tried a little shading effect for the leaf.

Learn, Learn and Enjoy Learning.

Brazillian Embroidery........

It was one of my dream to learn Brazillian Embroidery. Finally I got it. I purchased them Jdr-be. I have to stitch them.

Learn and motivate others to learn.

Coconut Shell Painting

A try on coconut shell :).

Clay Modelling

Some of my creative ideas on clay. yet to be completed.