Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blouse neck design

This is the new Pattu pavadai blouse, which I stitches earlier. I have done the Muvvala kuttu on the neck line along with double button hole stitch. Muvvala kuttu, I have learnt it from Lakshmi's site. Its a wonderful stitch to work on. thank you very much Lakshmiji.  I have done the same one on the hip also.
   I  was so happy to see her wearing this dress, I stitched all by myself and did the embroidery too. It gives me a great satisfaction that i have done something.
here is the full photograph of the blouse.

I have done this with two strands of gold colour metallic thread and I have glued the stones to one end.but it looks very plain in the middle, thinking of what to do? any suggessions please .


viji said...

pretty colour.
Your work enhance the beauti.
Lucky daughter.

Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Hi Viji ji,
Thank you very much for all your valued comments. it encourages me to post more. thanks once again.

dina said...

Wow!!! Pattu pavadai is too good Anni... Can you send a photo of our sandhya kutti wearing it..

ponnis said...

any idea about sewing sari inskirt.Thanks.