Saturday, 29 January 2011

One more purse on the way

I am crocheting one more purse for my daughter, here is the photo of it.


Black Purse

Hi friends,
This is the new purse.


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Pattu Pavadai

I have made a   pattu pavadai for my daughter for her birthday. I haven't learnt tailoring much, hardly I went to a tailoring class for one month when I was doing my post graduation. With that little knowledge, I started stiting This is my 7th one in almost 6 years. I was very happy when she wore this. one more special thing is I stitched it in one day (not continuously,  but along with my regular duties)  but when I finished it was 12'o clock midnight, the next morning as soon as she got up  I gave it to her as a surprise, She just hugged me and said I Love You Mom. Bless her.

Black scarf

This is the new scarf I've done for my brother. Hope he likes it. I got this pattern from Knitting daily. It was designed By Ann Budd and originally published on Knitting daily, Fall 2004. Thank you Ann Budd.  this is what she say's about this scarf  pattern “I love long, narrow scarves. For this scarf I cast on just enough stitches to work a single balanced repeat of the Double Basket Pattern from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting, and repeated the 18-row pattern until I used up two balls of yarn. The interplay of horizontal and vertical ribs produces an undulating, curved effect that adds complicated texture to the relatively simple stitch pattern.”  Its a basket weave pattern and reversible scarf. Its a very easy pattern though it seems to be tough. Here is the link for this pattern. You need to signin to view the pattern.
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Blue Scarf

This is a designer scarf I made for my friend. Hope shelikes it  This scarf was designed by Phoebe for Jimmy Beans Wool. Thanks Phoebe.  Here is the link to the pattern. Just by seeing this scarf it seems to be a twisted wire. But its beauty comes out only when it is worn.

Clay flowers

Hi friends,
  Finally I have arranged all the flowers that I have made earlier. heare are some of their photos.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

New Purse

Hi all,
 This is a small purse I made this week end, its for my friend. She uses it as  a mobile cover.
here are some pictures of it.

This is the plain purse, I was imagining what to do next, Then I ended up making a flower in a contrast colour. 


Snow Rangoli

On the karthigai deepam day I made a small rangoli in front of the patio door, it was very beautiful. In a day or two it started snowing here, the snow settelled on the rangoli as if it was made using snow.


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Furry Scarf and Hat

Hi Everyone,
  I have made this hat and scarf for my daughter  for this winter. she loved it very much. Everyday she wore it to school.

I have made the same scarf but with plain wool but that was not so fancy. so I tried with furr wool, and it came out very well. The previous scarf of the same pattern is listed here
This is the closeup view of the scarf.

My daughter has worn the hat, she is very cosy in that.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Lazy Daisy flowers

Hi friends,
  This saree was my first project, around 8 years back. this is a simple motif stitched with lazy daisy and stem stitch. I used two strands of anchor cotton thread for the stems. And grey woollen thread for the flowers. The middle of the flower is made of a golden chumki stitched in yellow thread. This was my college uniform saree.

The saree has altogether 18 motifs.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Scarf with tatted motifs

This is my recently completed project. I started it around 6 months back. I couldn't take the photograph of the whole scarf. This is one end of the scarf. The scarf is decorated with tatted motifs and tassels work. The base colour of the scarf is baby pink and the motifs are made in dark red anchor pearl cotton threads(size 40).
The motif is very simple five petaled flower.  The whole scarf has around 80 flowers stitched in regular intervals. 
The middle of the flower is made with  golden coloured chumki and a small glass bead.  
The tassels work made the scarf more beautiful.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Blouse neck design

This is the new Pattu pavadai blouse, which I stitches earlier. I have done the Muvvala kuttu on the neck line along with double button hole stitch. Muvvala kuttu, I have learnt it from Lakshmi's site. Its a wonderful stitch to work on. thank you very much Lakshmiji.  I have done the same one on the hip also.
   I  was so happy to see her wearing this dress, I stitched all by myself and did the embroidery too. It gives me a great satisfaction that i have done something.
here is the full photograph of the blouse.

I have done this with two strands of gold colour metallic thread and I have glued the stones to one end.but it looks very plain in the middle, thinking of what to do? any suggessions please .