Sunday, 22 February 2009

Some of my Knitting Bits

I have been Knitting some Scarfs since last November. I would like to share my experiences and my work.

I wanted to knit a scarf for my husband. I didn't know how much wool is needed to knit a scarf, and in what pattern to knit. I just went and got 2 bundles of wool in dark blue color. Then I started surfing the internet for the patterns. I came across the site "". There are a lot of free patterns for scarfs, hats, mittens, pullovers etc available. I selected a
Big Cable Scarf pattern. I bought a Cable needle and started Knitting it. I went out of thread as well it was a time consuming job. So I completed it half way, It was too short so my husband told he won't wear it. Here is the picture of the scarf .

Next I was thinking to knit another scarf for him. This time I thought I should do it perfectly, then I went and got 5 bundles of wool. Then I selected a wave pattern(not my own) and knitted it. But I don't remember the exact site from which I took this pattern. But when I come to know the site I'll post it. But there are a lot of different patterns available in this site. Here is the picture of the scarf which I had knitted for the second time.

This time he had another reason. On seeing the scarf he told me that it looks like a Ladies scarf and I don't want it. But I don't want to give it up. This time there was a sale in town, I went and got lots of threads. This time I should knit him a scarf I thought and took it as a vow. I went for a very simple Ribbed scarf in dark green color. It came out very well. At last he accepted it and now he is using it regularly. I feel Happy whenever I see him wearing the scarf. After six long years of married life, for the first time, I have made something specially for him. Here is the picture of the scarf.

Next I'm planning to knit a scarf for my brother. At last I'm going to fulfill his wish I think :).
I wish to thank all of them, who have posted their free knitting patterns. They are really useful for a beginner like me. It helps me in developing my own creativity.
I hope you have enjoyed these posts. Thank you for stopping at my blog and reading all my stories. Don't forget to post a comment.

Thanks and Regards

Tracing and Colouring

Last week I was busy with my children singing, drawing, painting and watching television. I thought I can post some of my children's work.
First I'll start with my daughter, because she always wants to be the first. She is studying in nursery. She was given a home work to trace a picture of two boats. It took almost one hour to do the tracing. Atlast it turned out excellently. She wanted it to be posted in my blog. This is the picture.

Next one is my son's picture. He also wanted to do some painting while his sister was tracing. And the result is the following picture.

Now I think of posting some more pictures of my two little artists. I'm becoming a fan of them. Hope you may also become one :).

A colourful Lentil Butterfly from my daughter. I glued the entire picture and my daughter decorated it, isn't it wonderful.

One more craft work from my daughter, all glueing and decorating done by her without anybody's help.
I can't do any injustice to my son. So here are some of the paintings done by him at his Pre-school.

The next picture is a blow painting, done by the little Blooming artist.

I hope you have enjoyed all these pictures. Chilhood is a time to be enjoyed and spent colourfully, creatively and playfully. More creative pictures to come in the future.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Recent works.

I'm now posting some of my recent embroidery works. First is the Chemanthy Stitch. I learnt this stitch from Deepa's Blog.The tutorial is available here. I have applied the same stitch for the stem of the flower, it dosen't look good. May be I should have tried some variation.

Second one is the Creeping Flowers from JDR-BE site. Its a Brazilian Embroidery. I just saw the design and tried it out with some anchor threads. Its not the actual learning kit. I went crazy on Brazilian Embroidery, that I couldn't wait until I bought the kit.

Third one is a sample for Rosette chain and Rope stitch. I learnt these stitches from Mary Corbet's Needlenthread site. She has posted video tutorials for a lot of stitches. Rosette chain stitch came out well but the rope stitch didn't. Maybe I should give another try.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My Embroidery Sampler.

First part

Second part

Third part

Hi everyone,
These are my embroidery samplers(pictured part by part). it has around 30 stitches and its different variations. I have named some of them. Now its time for me to talk about my embroidery guru (teacher). She is a nice lady. she was my neighbour(now she went back to her home town). she is so wonderful, that whenever she learns something new she'll surely come and teach me. I enjoyed those days a lot, now i really miss her. It was she who restarted my embroidery work and created a craze in me. Hats of to her. I had embroidered a sari(which is at present in India, i'll post its picture some months later), two backrests for my Sofa set, and some of my daughter's langa blouses(Pattu Pavadai blouse). I feel happy to write about her, if she happens to read this post someday she will also feel happy and I look forward for it.