Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Dimensional Embroidery

Hi Friends,

I want to share some of my dimensional embroidery  practices here. This is the design I'm planning to do.
Actually this design is from  the BE kit,  i'm a bit hesitant to embroider the kit, cause I don't want to waste the rayon threads, so thought of  practicing with  anchor threads and cone threads I have.

This is the first April flower I did  with anchor threads. Its  quite an easy stitch, and love to do it.

This is the second flower, Gerone Daisy, but made it over crowded. its ok.

This is Bosa nova rose. I found it very difficult to stitch these Bullions. I need more and more practice to stitch
the kit.


These are the three flowers I had tried for today. I'll post the progress later.



Lynette said...

What is the stitch for the April flower? I am new to stitching and am trying to figure out what it is. Very pretty.

Ediana Gambin said...

Do you have some tutorial step by step of work?