Sunday, 22 March 2009

Pavadai Chattai.

I want to share some of my daughter's pattu pavadai blouses, which i have embroidered.
I have embroiderd this blouse with some beads chumkies and metallic thread. I have used Stem stitch and detached chain stitch. I have stitched some red stones to the border. It adds more beauty to the dress.

This is another blouse made with zardosi, beads and some embroidery. I have used fly stitch and a slight variation of Herringbone stitch. One more speciality with this blouse is, I have stitched this on my own both the pavadai and blouse.

I have some more blouses, which I have embroidered. But, I don't have their photographs now. I hope,I'll post them soon along with other my other embroideries.

Another scarf pattern

Hi Friends,
Here is another scarf in rib pattern. It was made by my friend Nalini. She saw my scarf and got motivated. She learnt Knitting and made a scarf. I'm so happy to post her scarf.
Thank you Nalini for giving me a chance to teach you. Here is the photograph of your scarf.

I have knitted a scarf for my friend Raje. It is so beautiful. I spent a total of 3 hours for this scarf. It was so easy and funny Knitting this scarf. Thank you Raje for giving me a chance to make something for you.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Cleaning a Kettle in a Traditional method.

Hi Friends,

My kettle was full of Limescale and it took quite a bit of time to boil. I was in search of some descalers. I browsed thru the net and found viniger, lime and other commercial descalers. I didn't have any of them at home. Then I started thinking how my grandma would have tackled such a situation, she would use something from the kitchen. Then I got struck with an idea of Tamarind and salt. I tried my own combination and it worked out. My kettle is clean now. I want to share this with everyone.
Here is the easy and harmless way to clean your Kettle. Just add Tamarind (equal to the size of a small Lime) and 2 Tsp of salt to your kettle add water (upto the limescale mark or the maximum). Allow the water to boil switch off the kettle. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off. Your limescale will be removed totally. You may vary the quantity of tamarind and salt depending on the Limescale.
Note:- The quantity mentioned above is just a rough estimate, you can try on your own.

Enjoy every minute of life,
A minute lost is lost for ever,
So always be Happy :).