Friday, 19 August 2011

Flowers in Embroidery.

Hi friends,
Here are some more flowers from my embroidery. This piece was done by me around 10 years ago.
This orange and red flower made with weave stitch and outlined with chain stitch.

The pink flower is made with herringbone stitch. the center of the flower is outlined with stem stitch.
The leaves are made of button hole stitch and the veins with herringbone stitch.

The Blue flower is again made with button hole stitch, and the pollens and stamen, with yellow French knots and dark blue stem stitch. The center of the flower is again made with button hole outline and satin stitch in the middle.
The leaves are stitched with satin stitch. the purple with long button hole stitch and the centre with satin stitch

The Colourful Butterfly made with multi coloured machine embroidery thread.  The edges made with satin stitch, and inside of the feathers stitched with chain stitch. The antenna stitched with stem stitch. 

The red flower is stitched with button hole stitch and satin stitch. the center of the flower is stitched with couching and inverted buttonhole stitch.

This red flower is stitched completely with satin stitch. The leaf is made of net stitch.

This is my full garden of flowers with a butterfly.

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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Hand made Rugs

Hi Friends,
These rugs are made out of old sarees.


Friday, 12 August 2011

Kuch work.

Hi Friends,
Here is an elephant made of Kuch Work, This is one of my favorite.

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Earlier works.

Hi Friends,
These are some of my very early works, done around 15 years ago. they have become very old.

I have done these flowers with machine threads, just gave a try and turned out very well.
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