Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Black scarf

This is the new scarf I've done for my brother. Hope he likes it. I got this pattern from Knitting daily. It was designed By Ann Budd and originally published on Knitting daily, Fall 2004. Thank you Ann Budd.  this is what she say's about this scarf  pattern “I love long, narrow scarves. For this scarf I cast on just enough stitches to work a single balanced repeat of the Double Basket Pattern from Barbara Walker’s Treasury of Knitting, and repeated the 18-row pattern until I used up two balls of yarn. The interplay of horizontal and vertical ribs produces an undulating, curved effect that adds complicated texture to the relatively simple stitch pattern.”  Its a basket weave pattern and reversible scarf. Its a very easy pattern though it seems to be tough. Here is the link for this pattern. You need to signin to view the pattern.
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Sathesh Veluswamy said...

I love it!!! Thanks akka!!!!