Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cretan stitch flower and leaves.

Hi Friends,
This is my post for sharons "Post a photo of cretan stitch".
The leaves and the flower petals are stitched in cretan stitch. I tried a new stitch for the stem I didn.t know the name of the stitch. But it came out very well.n You can view the stem very well in the below picture.

The center of the flower is made of satin stitch. detached button hole stitch and french knots :) just gave a try of various combinations.

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Suseela said...

I think the stitch name is Heavy chain or braided Chain.

Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Hi Susheela, thank you very much for posting your comment, I think I'm sure this is not Heavy chain stitch or Braided chain stitch. Because I have stitched the Cretan stitch in an angle and very close to each other. That's why it seems to be Heavy chain stitch.