Thursday, 2 February 2012

Pattu Pavadai - 3

Hi Friends,
This is the latest pattu pavadi that I made for my daughter. I got it stitched from the tailor and did the Embroidey part of it.
The plain Skirt and Blouse.

The close up of the neck design. Here I have used Golden and Green metallic threads. And Used white stones for the Border so that it gives a grand look especially in the evening functions. Again I added the Muvvala kuttu to the border, to make it more rich.

This Paisley motif I traced it from the skirt, and then embroidered.

 I don't know whether we can call it as Gold work. though it is stitched with metallic threads.
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Beth said...

Very nice! It is quite rich looking.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful work.

Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Thank you Beth and Kathleen

viji said...

I like to see the little angle in this dress.

Dhayalini said...

It's Beautiful. I bought a new one like this from