Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My First Award- Awesome Blogger Award

Hi Friends,
Leela Govind has passed me this Awsome blogger award for me in the month of June. Sorry for posting it so late. Due to some of my personal works, I was away from Blogging. now back to square.
This is my First award and  I am Exited to post it. Thank you very much LeelaGovind, for passing on this award to me. It motivates me a lot. I also Congratulate  Leelagovind for winning this award.  Thank you very much for considering me for this award.
There are 2 Rules regarding this award.
Rule -1 Sharing some Seven things about me
I love my children.
Enjoy doing Embroidery, crochet,knitting and tatting.
Would like to be friendly with everybody.
Like watching  comedy movies.
Curious in learning new things.
Love to do Gardening.
I'm a Nature admirer.

Rule -2  I'm passing on this award to some of my favorite bloggers.

The interesting thing abojut this award is, Thank the Giver, Post it in your Blog, and last but not the least Pass it on to 5 upcoming bloogers
Once again Thank you LeelaGovind.


Mahalakshmi said...

Thank you so much for the award.My first Award is also from Leela.

viji said...

Dear Thanks for presenting this award to me. Sure i will mention about this in my blog.

ina said...

Thanks, Savitha.Something is wrong with myPC.will get back to you later.Thanks again.