Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Key Hanger :)

Hi Friends
Happy New Year to All of You.
Here I would like to share a Key hanger. Long back my brother presented me a  piece of wood.

I was wondering what to do with it. It was lying in my stash for years. Recently, I got some  hooks from the local pound shop.

 The Key Hanger is ready. Just pierced the hooks on the Wood. Not so perfect but ok.

Here is a closeup of the hooks.
Now the Key Hanger is ready for painting.  I will post the picture after painting.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Your comments are much appreciated.
Love and Cheers

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Daisy Debs said...

Or you could hang a selection of your pretty embroidery silks !
Choose colours to suit your mood ....Where did this piece of wood come from ? It must have been a very special tree : )