Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Hi Friends
It has been a long time since my previous post. Today I thought I will post some of the games played by us in our childhood. It may bring back some people's memories, or even help some parents to teach their children to play(like me).  My friends have helped me to list them and gave me the rules on how to play them. I must say a big THANK YOU to all of them. I have listed some of them here. I'm not sure if they are played in other parts of India as well , with similar rules.

  • Pallankuli
  • Gilli Thandu
  • Gundu
  • Bambarm
  • Thayam
  • Pannakal
  • Komberi Kolaleri
  • Paramapadam
  • Chippili

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picture courtesy : Google.

For Bambaram everyone should have one Bambaram each and we keep a flat wood inside a circle. Then with the Bambaram you need to make a hole in the wood. if you miss to do that you need to put the Bambaram inside the circle. Then everyone will hit your Bambaram with their sharp nail edged Bambaram.

Gilli Thandu:

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It is played with two pieces of Wood one big and one small one. Using the big stick you need to hit the small stick as long as you can. That position is marked. So each and every player in the group should do that. All their positions are marked. The person who hit the least position will be the looser. he need to go to the longest distance which is marked and the person must throw the small stick targeting the big stick which is placed where they did hitting. If you failed the person will start to hit from where your small stick landed. It will keep on going until you hit the big stick. For example if we play as a group of 4 you have to touch all the three.  Actually once you throw your small stick it will land  in a place. The first person come with  the big stick and once he touches the small stick your time starts and you can run and touch others before he hits the small stick. if you touch them before he hits the small stick the person is out or else you need to throw the small stick where it landed in the recent hit. you have to do it until you touch them before hit or you need to beat them by throwing exactly your small stick against the big stick.  A bit confusing rules as I have never played it.

More about other games will follow later



Boud said...

That second game is one we played in the north of England! can't remember its name now, but I wasn't bad at it!

pankaj karnwal said...
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Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Thank you Boud. Its good to know that you have played a similar game in another part of the world.