Sunday, 8 February 2009

Recent works.

I'm now posting some of my recent embroidery works. First is the Chemanthy Stitch. I learnt this stitch from Deepa's Blog.The tutorial is available here. I have applied the same stitch for the stem of the flower, it dosen't look good. May be I should have tried some variation.

Second one is the Creeping Flowers from JDR-BE site. Its a Brazilian Embroidery. I just saw the design and tried it out with some anchor threads. Its not the actual learning kit. I went crazy on Brazilian Embroidery, that I couldn't wait until I bought the kit.

Third one is a sample for Rosette chain and Rope stitch. I learnt these stitches from Mary Corbet's Needlenthread site. She has posted video tutorials for a lot of stitches. Rosette chain stitch came out well but the rope stitch didn't. Maybe I should give another try.


Deepa said...

Hello Savitha,
Great to see your blog and the embroidery.
Chemanthy flower has come out well.As far as BE is concerned, if you do it with anchor then it is not called BE. It is just dimensional embroidery.BE has to be done with Z twist threads, that's its speciality.Try getting some Rayon threads and stitch the flowers.All the best!!!

Savitha said...

Thank you Very Much Deepa, i'm very happy to see your comments, I'll try to buy some Rayon threads and do BE.