Sunday, 22 February 2009

Some of my Knitting Bits

I have been Knitting some Scarfs since last November. I would like to share my experiences and my work.

I wanted to knit a scarf for my husband. I didn't know how much wool is needed to knit a scarf, and in what pattern to knit. I just went and got 2 bundles of wool in dark blue color. Then I started surfing the internet for the patterns. I came across the site "". There are a lot of free patterns for scarfs, hats, mittens, pullovers etc available. I selected a
Big Cable Scarf pattern. I bought a Cable needle and started Knitting it. I went out of thread as well it was a time consuming job. So I completed it half way, It was too short so my husband told he won't wear it. Here is the picture of the scarf .

Next I was thinking to knit another scarf for him. This time I thought I should do it perfectly, then I went and got 5 bundles of wool. Then I selected a wave pattern(not my own) and knitted it. But I don't remember the exact site from which I took this pattern. But when I come to know the site I'll post it. But there are a lot of different patterns available in this site. Here is the picture of the scarf which I had knitted for the second time.

This time he had another reason. On seeing the scarf he told me that it looks like a Ladies scarf and I don't want it. But I don't want to give it up. This time there was a sale in town, I went and got lots of threads. This time I should knit him a scarf I thought and took it as a vow. I went for a very simple Ribbed scarf in dark green color. It came out very well. At last he accepted it and now he is using it regularly. I feel Happy whenever I see him wearing the scarf. After six long years of married life, for the first time, I have made something specially for him. Here is the picture of the scarf.

Next I'm planning to knit a scarf for my brother. At last I'm going to fulfill his wish I think :).
I wish to thank all of them, who have posted their free knitting patterns. They are really useful for a beginner like me. It helps me in developing my own creativity.
I hope you have enjoyed these posts. Thank you for stopping at my blog and reading all my stories. Don't forget to post a comment.

Thanks and Regards


Deepa said...

Men!! they seem to find some reason or the other..
great knitting,savitha. I liked all the three- the blue one is too good - you shouldn't have stopped it midway :(
Enjoyed your precious ones creations too in the previous post :)

Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Thank you very much Deepa. I'll surely complete the Blue scarf.