Sunday, 22 February 2009

Tracing and Colouring

Last week I was busy with my children singing, drawing, painting and watching television. I thought I can post some of my children's work.
First I'll start with my daughter, because she always wants to be the first. She is studying in nursery. She was given a home work to trace a picture of two boats. It took almost one hour to do the tracing. Atlast it turned out excellently. She wanted it to be posted in my blog. This is the picture.

Next one is my son's picture. He also wanted to do some painting while his sister was tracing. And the result is the following picture.

Now I think of posting some more pictures of my two little artists. I'm becoming a fan of them. Hope you may also become one :).

A colourful Lentil Butterfly from my daughter. I glued the entire picture and my daughter decorated it, isn't it wonderful.

One more craft work from my daughter, all glueing and decorating done by her without anybody's help.
I can't do any injustice to my son. So here are some of the paintings done by him at his Pre-school.

The next picture is a blow painting, done by the little Blooming artist.

I hope you have enjoyed all these pictures. Chilhood is a time to be enjoyed and spent colourfully, creatively and playfully. More creative pictures to come in the future.

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Hari said...

vaaare vaau .... great work anni .. .Hats-off 2 u ... great n Cute work done by d 2 kiddos ... Sandhya's Butterfly n 2 little boats are awesome .. n why not, little Blooming artist's modern art in a materpiece ... Pulikku Pirandhadhu Poonai aaguma ???????? :-) ... Expecting more n more cute works in d blog ... This Blog is ROCKING !!!! ...