Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My Embroidery Sampler.

First part

Second part

Third part

Hi everyone,
These are my embroidery samplers(pictured part by part). it has around 30 stitches and its different variations. I have named some of them. Now its time for me to talk about my embroidery guru (teacher). She is a nice lady. she was my neighbour(now she went back to her home town). she is so wonderful, that whenever she learns something new she'll surely come and teach me. I enjoyed those days a lot, now i really miss her. It was she who restarted my embroidery work and created a craze in me. Hats of to her. I had embroidered a sari(which is at present in India, i'll post its picture some months later), two backrests for my Sofa set, and some of my daughter's langa blouses(Pattu Pavadai blouse). I feel happy to write about her, if she happens to read this post someday she will also feel happy and I look forward for it.


Lakshmi said...

Hi savitha,
nice to see ur blog..
knitting sare beautiful.
i lkike the sampleworks..and chemanthi in sample is so beautiful.
loved ur kids works which reminds me my kids whn they were too young..
i envy ur rayon threds and the kit collection..did u tried B.E.


Savitha Sambath Kumar said...

Thank you Lakshmiji, thank you very much for visiting my blog. Happy new year, I'll surely stitch B.E and Post them